Jacqueline Broy

Does the title sound like a rip-off of a certain western TV show title from the late 50’s?*

It is and for me, it means that wherever I go in the RV, my Instant Pot (IP) is traveling with me. Maybe I should change the title to Travel in an RV, Have an Instant Pot.

I bought this IP in March 2020 just before the Covid pandemic shutdown. I hemmed and hawed about getting one when they became popular, but I couldn’t justify buying one. Then I talked to another RVer in the Freightliner Service Center waiting room who loved cooking with it. I was hooked, bought a 3qt., returned it and settled the 6qt. Duo because it has a yogurt function along with the other settings. Once I got over the “it’s a pressure cooker!!!…it’s going to explode!!!” fear, the crawl to cook with it quickly moved to a trot.

Now that I had my new toy, I searched YouTube for the How-To’s videos. The channel Six Sisters helped me with the basics until I stumbled into Jeffrey Eisner’s Pressure Luck channel with his New York City panache. I loved what he was cooking in the pot. With the rise in his popularity, he created his first Instant Pot cookbook (see the orange one above) and then the lighter version cookbook (the blue one). I don’t go on an RV trip without them. View his five Instant Pot cookbooks at Pressure Luck.

With four years of IP cooking experience, mine is now the workhorse in the RV galley. This past winter in Florida, I hardly used my cooktop for creating dinners. Since it was much cooler than last year (and I was happy for the chilly air and low humidity), the pot served up plenty of soups, but I have tried other dishes on the road and at home from the Pressure Luck cookbooks. Spaghetti. Chicken Shawarma. Collards and Kale. Yogurt. Spareribs…once they were done, we put them on the grill to get charred…so tender. Banana Bread…Yes, banana bread, but It was too moist for my taste so that will still be an oven-baked thing. And this is just the tip of the Instant Pot-cooking iceberg. I still haven’t tried Jeffrey’s Vietnamese Pho….I love soups.

If you are on the fence about this appliance like I was, I would highly recommend getting an Instant Pot whether you are an RV owner or not. Do your research. Consider your family’s needs. Initially, I purchased the 3qt. but it wasn’t large enough for us to have leftovers. The 8qt. was too large for our needs. The 6qt. is just right.

*The show title was Have Gun, Will Travel.

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