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The trip to Jordan – another one crossed off our travel bucket list. Our local Jordanian guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Our Tauck’s tour director was exceptional because her love for both countries and their people was obvious. The small tour group of eleven people including four ladies from Australia ranged from first-timers with Tauck to a veteran of thirteen trips with this company. This was our fourth one with them. With so small a number, there was plenty room on the tour buses.

The food!!!! My husband came back with a renewed love to make his homemade version of hummus. I fell in love with the thin flatbread and wonder how I can make it. One evening we had a catered Bedouin dinner out in the desert. The food was excellent. We are not lamb-eaters, but the tender meat was served with a savory sauce akin to some lick-your-fingers twice BBQ spareribs. We were well-fed the entire trip. But enough about food.

This premier PhotoTravel book is but a taste of our most recent overseas trip. I hope you enjoy it because I plan to post more PhotoTravel books of our journeys around the country in Miss Winnie the RV and past trips overseas. I hope you will join me.

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Blessings and Safe Travels to you.

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  1. I enjoyed traveling thru Jordan with you and experiencing some of your trip thru the beautiful pictures and descriptive comments. You looked pretty comfortable on that camel, how was it? Really {smile}
    Thanks for sharing, looking forward to week 2.

    1. Thank you for “traveling” with me. The only thing I have to say about the camel ride is “Been there, done that!” The local guide told us not to do it if you have a bad back because you are rocking back and forth. The scary part was when the camel got up on its feet before I could get comfortable and straight. I was holding on so tight to the pummel so I wouldn’t slide off. It was a good experience and fun.

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