Jacqueline Broy

“Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.” Ellen Hopkins

Last year I got a new laptop. In the space of time between the old one and the new, technology moved forward from USB plugs and ports to USB-C. When I located the adapter to bridge the gap between a USB thumb drive and a USB-C port in the laptop online, I murmured a grateful “Thank you, Lord.”

Now I have a new phone. Since the Bluetooth earbuds drop out of my ears no matter how much I wiggle them in, I stick with using my ancient earphones connected to a wired cord with a jack at the end. Guess what I ordered online—a new adapter for a jack end to connect to the USB-C port in the phone. This is the second time I have had to get a jack end adapter. And I noticed one thing about these adapters for my phone. They are small, yet they play a vital role in my life like the paper cup full of paper clips I saw right beside a medical receptionist’s computer. I’d say those little trombone-shaped pieces of wire are very important to her

Are you grateful or thankful for a small thing that plays a big role in your life? Please share what it is and why because your little things might give me big ideas for future blogs.

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  1. Something that is necessary is the plastic gripper to open pickle jars (and every other kind of jar)! With a few taps on the counter and my plastic gripper, I can open jars and leap tall buildings in a single bound. ha ha Okay, maybe not leap tall buildings. But opening jars …. absolutely! Thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Joni. Plastic grippers…very important! My hubby installed a hard gripper, jar-opener thingy under an upper cabinet for us. A life-saver. As I mature, I think jars are getting harder to open…and on purpose (LOL). Thanks for your comment.

  2. I am grateful for two small pieces of plastic: my rigid gas permeable contact lenses. I have an eye condition called keratoconus. My corneas progressively thin and start to cone. It causes a form of astigmatism that cannot be corrected with glasses. I need these two small pieces of plastic everyday all day to live a normal life.

    1. Hi Chris. I’m thankful to God for the creativity in modern optometry to develop contact lenses to give you normal eyesight. Those little pieces of plastic do have an important role to play and are extremely precious to you. Thank you for making us aware of this progressive eye condition.

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