Jacqueline Broy

Dear Lord,

Spring is coming.

I see and hear it strolling into my world.

Tree buds color the branches swaying in the wind.

The oldie-but-goodie bird songs play in the air.

Evening light stretches longer each day.

And I fuss about Daylight Savings Time again.

But spring is coming and brings the chaos of transitions.

Hot and cold in a day.

Rain and sunshine the next.

Maybe snow and wind after that, 

Until the days begin to settle into a mellow warmth and humidity.

And You are with me through it all.

When my soul is in turmoil like spring weather, You are the constant in my life.

The Rock that cannot be moved.

You, Good Shepherd will lead me, 

And I will follow to rest my soul in green meadows and drink from living water.

Spring is coming.

Yes, and Amen. 

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  1. Wonderful prayer as we look forward to spring and celebrating our Savior’s resurrection and the salvation & new life He provides!
    Happy spring! Happy Easter!

    Thanks! 😊

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